The Guardian‘s headline today, “Wayne Rooney ‘has no physical injury’ according to Roy Hodgson” could be read in two ways.

The paper seems to be suggesting Hodgson is insinuating that despite United saying the forward was suffering a shoulder injury which kept him out of the Community Shield, there’s no injury he could see and, well, Wayne’s absolutely fine.

However, the first paragraph of the story then says the following:

“The England manager Roy Hodgson insists striker Wayne Rooney no longer has a “physical injury” that could keep him out of Wednesday’s friendly against Scotland at Wembley.”

Sneaky stuff. Had they put the ‘no longer’ part into the headline, the story would have read very differently from how it comes across as it is on the website.

It’s perhaps understandable, though, that the paper is trying to highlight the discrepancy between the two camps considering this bizzarre scenario where a player was effectively declared fit for a game, before a game for which he was declared unfit. Rooney is hardly someone to not play if he is physically capable and this point the man clearly cannot countenance pulling on a United shirt ever again.

It was also reported that Rooney arrived half an hour early for England training. Call me a cynic, but this could be Rooney effectively holding up a sign saying, “I’m not a troublemaker. I love football and I want to play. Just not with United. But look how professional I am…”. Unless he arrives for training half an hour early all the time. In which case he’s a model professional and I’m a shit-stirring amateur hack.

Moyes, meanwhile, needs to get this thing over and done with as soon as possible because Rooney is now casting a bigger shadow over the beginning the Scot’s United career than Sir Alex Ferguson.