• 65-year-old “surrenders” position as head coach
  • Leonardo linked with director position for Selecao

Luis Phil Scolari resigned yesterday after the Brazilian FA said that he and his staff had “surrendered” his position as head coach, suggesting a slightly troubling image of the 65-year-old backed against a wall with his hands held aloft.

Though Scolari had taken full responsibility for Brazil’s 7-1 defeat to the Netherlands he had remained bullish, saying his fate was “up to the president” of the Brazilian FA to determine his future. The wording of the Brazilian FA, though, suggests that Scolari fell on his sword.

Brazilian journalist Fernando Duarte yesterday said the haphazard ending to Scolari’s reign illustrated the “numbness” that followed the catastrophic semi-final defeat. Scolari in the end would have been given the classic “jump or be pushed” talk you would imagine, as there is no conceivable way that the man’s job could possibly be tenable after the humiliation in Belo Horizonte.

Duarte also commented on how brushing the defeat aside and rebuilding will be made even harder due to the lack of Brazilian managers working at high levels outside of the country, as well as the scarcity of top level players. Scolari’s job will not be the only position under threat of change, according to Brazilian journalist Paulo Freitas.

Leonardo was most recently the technical director of Paris St Germain, but resigned last summer shortly after being handed a 13-month ban for pushing a referee.