As the Toronto Maple Leafs clear their roster and embrace the tank, it’s been a season desperately short of anything remotely resembling entertainment for Leafs fans.

But Rich Clune gave us all some respite last night. During the pregame warm-up against his former team the Nashville Predators, Clune got into a shouting match with Preds forward Cody Bass, before teammates stepped in and gently calmed the pair:

Hardly fireworks, I know, but to top it off Clune then gave a superb interview after being asked about the confrontation. Not for Clune the old “we just have to keep battling, get pucks to the net and put some pressure on their goaltender” cliché. He would prefer to say exactly what he’d like to do to Mr. Bass. The casual look of contempt he gives the camera is also priceless.

No shits given:

Everyone (OK, me) loves a good warm-up argument. Here’s the classic Darcy Tucker/Sean Avery tussle-a-thon, which, when Tucker asked whether it was over between the he replied, wonderfully world-wearily: “It’s never over.”


Finally, a personal favourite: some top-notch jabby-sticky-shovey between the Detroit Red Wings and Vancouver Canucks from 2008. Watch how everyone (just about) stays religiously on their side of the red line, lest the hockey gods smite them:


Ah, those were the days. God bless you Rich Clune for keeping the dream alive. Long may you reign.