Stan Collymore has been tear-gassed in by French riot police while filming violence between English and Russian fans in Lille.

Collymore uploaded a video via Periscope to Twitter, which showed him following England fans through the streets of Lille as they chanted anti-Russian songs.

He provides a running commentary alongside England fans, before arriving in a square where French riot police had set up a barrier between the two sets of fans.

In the 15-minute recording, one of several that Collymore has uploaded, the former Liverpool, Aston Villa and Nottingham Forest striker appears to play a dual role of roving reporter and police assistant.

On one occasion, as a Russian fan is bundled to the ground by French police officer, Collymore approaches the struggle and shouts: “Yes! Him!” as he holds the phone at point blank range.

When shouted at by police to get back and threatened with tear gas, Collymore shouts “journaliste!” in a French accent and largely stays out of trouble.

According to the Independent, Collymore was in Lille in a ‘journalistic capacity’, although it wasn’t immediately clear if Collymore was working for anyone in particular.

Collymore’s Twitter account often makes reference to @BoyleSports – a gambling website – and last night Collymore was on TalkSport dicussing the trouble.

Collymore’s activity drew reactions on Twitter from several detractors including a former Loaded editor Martin Daubney, who received a spiky response.

Collymore won a Sports Journalist Association’s Best Radio Sports Documentary award in 2014 for his involvement in a TalkSport documentary on mental health.