Celtic manager Brendan Rogers has been the butt of every Twitter joke since Celtic were turned over by Gibraltar part-timers Lincoln Red Imps – and rightly so – but Sky Sports News have done their bit to take the heat off him. 

This morning, presenter Mike Wedderburn, or whichever soon-to-be-out-of-a-job work-experience kid  gave Wedderburn his notes, began an interview with ex-Celtic striker Andy Walker by reading out bogus facts made up by a serial Twitter prankster.

@WeahsCousin, who has form for making up quotes on Twitter that unsuspecting (read: lazy) networks have failed to fact-check, posted this shortly after Celtic’s humiliation last night:

And then this morning, Sky Sports News lifted the first and last facts in the interview:

The extraordinary thing about this is that the graphic that @GeorgeWeahsCousin used is directly photoshopped from a SKY SPORTS FACT GRAPHIC. How on earth whoever responsible for giving Wedderburn his facts didn’t notice the shoddy photoshopping – the second fact isn’t even the right colour – is astonishing.