What’s that? Normal HD isn’t good enough for you? Your already maimed eyeballs are struggling to adjust to the crystal clear pictures of Sergio Aguero’s tramlines? Well fear not, because next season Sky will be showing more than 120 Premier Leagues games in in Ultra HD (or 4K Ultra High Definition), which is four times clearer than normal HD. Four!

However, you’ll need an Ultra HD TV to support it, which according to TechRadar will cost you around £3000 for a proper one.

Sky’s move follows behind BT Sport who already have an Ultra HD channel available to their customers. Netflix and Amazon have also begun to use it as part of their streaming services, and no I haven’t seen what it looks like because I bought my HD TV five years ago from Curry’s and it carries a disgusting two million pixels whereas UHD carries am acceptable eight million.

Sky’s Q Silver service launched earlier this year. Those with a Sky Q Silver box and TV that supports the format will be able to being watching programmes in Ultra HD from 13 August. If you fancy a piece of it, with Sky Sports, and you’re new to Sky it’ll cost you £83 a month. Alternatively, pop down your local non-league club and watch them play, you can even have a beer while you lean on the metal railing.